This project is somewhat of a repeat but I wanted to share it for two reasons: 1. I used different materials and 2. The design is a fun idea for a height chart - so please steal it for your little one. 

When a friend was having her third child and the girls threw her a mini-shower, one thing she requested was artwork for the baby's room. I figured I could paint something but also make it multipurpose - like a height chart.

The Height Chart I made for Myla was made using a thick piece of pine with rounded edges that we hung with simple metal brackets. Since this new height chart was a gift, I was hoping to make it not as heavy and hopefully allow it to be hung easily with mirror clips (that’s how my mommy friend hung hers  - she is who I originally got the idea for the project from). 

I went to Home Depot and talked to an employee about how big I wanted to make it. We finally decided on a certain type of ply wood that would work with mirror clips. Since it came in huge sheets, he was able to cut several pieces out for me (I foresee giving more height charts as gifts in the future). Having them cut it at the store also made it much easier to get the pieces home. And since I had to pay for the full sheet anyways - might as well get some craft supplies going.

After a bit of sanding it was ready for painting. I didn’t know what the theme of Baby Rachel’s room was, so I thought a general girly design would work. I went to Michaels to buy the name letters along with the flower and butterfly shapes - which would add some fun dimension to the piece. Then it hit me… the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly would perfectly represent growth and change. Unlike Myla’s height chart, I actually painted in measurements, every 6 inches, so a simple tick mark with age would most likely work well. They just needed to get the height correct when fastening it to the wall.


I’ve enjoyed reading all sorts of witty New Year blog posts such as 14 F***s I Refuse to Give in 2014, some of which I can actually start to do and stop worrying about. However, all joking aside, this New Year brings me hope. It brings a chance to start anew, change my ways of thinking and my attitude, and change the way I view and take care of myself and others… These past number of weeks have been tough and I’m trying to take all that’s weighing on me and learn from it and view it as an opportunity to grow. Since receiving my “news” a little over a month ago, I’ve been trying to simply “be” a little more. And I have to say, I think I’m doing better at that. I’m trying hard to spend much more one-on-one time with Myla giving her my full attention as it seems to be just what she needs right now, and a lot of it. I’m trying to keep my patience while teaching her patience - (way harder to do than I ever imagined). And, I’m trying REALLY hard to not worry so much and simply enjoy what’s happening in the here and now and take advantage of each and every moment.

During the past few weeks, I’ve also experienced the loss of two friends, both unexpectedly, a couple of weeks apart. They were both incredibly genuine, sweet and caring. I knew one for only a few short years, the other I knew for over 30 years - but the amount of time doesn't matter. I wasn’t super close with either of them, but they were both certainly friends. Whenever I saw either one of them, it was so easy to have a conversation - something I find difficult when I don’t see someone often. They were both always kind, open and truly interested in whatever we were talking about… they were REAL. At the end of our conversations, I always walked away feeling uplifted. They were good people who left this world too soon… but it’s because of them, that I’m trying even harder to just “be”… and trying to change my ways of thinking and how I take care of myself and others. So in a way, that's my new year's resolution.

The painting above I did a few years back. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time that I painted it, but whenever I look at it, the word "Rebirth" comes to mind and therefore seemed fitting to share today. It’s somehow about all the feelings and experiences we have and how they shape us into what we are and how by learning from those things we can blossom and take flight.