Little Ladder

Here’s another flea market find that was a quick and easy project like the Barn Door - but first I must digress. Originally, I was in search of a ladder to go above our front door in our foyer where we have this pretty large, loft type space - it’s not usable space as you need a ladder to access it… it’s just a space to be decorated. Currently, I have this old trunk there which I also found at the flea market. I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘gorgeous’ trunk, I was just drawn to the color. You can certainly find some absolutely beautiful ones that have been restored to their original condition - which also cost a pretty penny - but that’s not what I needed. I have yet to do anything other than just clean this one up, which is fine as I’m not sure I really need to do anything else with it. But, it does need some other items to share that space with as it’s looking a little lonely. Interesting story behind this trunk though. It was found at the monastery where actress turned nun, Dolores Hart, Elvis’s supposed first onscreen kiss, now lives AND it supposedly belonged to her. Although, there is no proof of it, and I certainly didn’t pay what it would cost if there was proof. It does however, make for an interesting story and gets my imagination going of where this trunk has traveled to... as well as all the other pieces I pick up at the flea market.

Anyways, back to the little ladder. I thought that finding an old ladder might help fill the space above the loft if placed in one of the corners. I didn’t want a really tall ladder, but it turned out the one I found was ultimately too short for the space and looked lost when viewed from downstairs - BUT I still found a place for it. I just propped it up against an empty wall in our living room. But before doing so, I cleaned it up, waxed it with Briwax and added some grapevine garland I bought at Michael’s. It also came with the top rung cut in the middle where an old, rusted tin can was attached in between with two nails. I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy the ladder at first when I saw that, but then something about it I really liked. It gave me a good place to add some more decoration - a bit of moss and some hanging berries. And at Christmas I found these star ornaments, which I decided to just leave on there year round.

Now I just need to figure out what else will go up in that loft space. Good thing the flea market opens back up again this weekend!!! Although a part of me is fighting whether I want to go shopping at the flea market or hit up bootcamp... decisions, decisions...