Burlap Mirror

I’m always on the lookout for good, antique frames at the flea market. There’s always a lot of junk frames (in my opinion - or at least not what I’m looking for) - ones without detail or ones that would need to be painted or made to look antique. Sometimes I do spot some interesting ones, but then the vendor is usually asking a fortune and many don’t budge on price, or at least to the price I’m willing to pay. So... I was kind of really excited when I found this old, framed mirror that the vendor seemed anxious to get rid of - seemed like they were anxious to make any kind of sale that day. A win for me! 

Back of the "ruined" mirror and panels I pulled off - love seeing how something that looks like trash can be turned into treasure.

The mirror itself was completely ruined. All the silver had been flaked off, but the frame itself was cracked and peeling in the perfect way (if that even makes sense to you). I contemplated replacing the mirror but decided to do something different with it. I had bought some pieces of printed burlap at JoAnn's a year or so prior - just because I liked it, not that I had a reason to buy it at that time. So, once I pulled off the back panels of wood and pulled out about a hundred mini nails, and pulled out the glass and cleaned it up - I framed a piece of that burlap. And after a few weeks of staring at it hanging on our wall, I thought I would make some mini burlap roses and add those for a little pop of color - and it would pick up on the wreath I made above our bed. My original thought was even to add some chicken wire on top of the burlap and use it as a place to hang photos or other little pieces of collected memories - but Justin vetoed that idea. So, it’s staying as is.

Framed Burlap hung on wall.

Closeup of the "perfect cracking and peeling".