Frosted Birch Window

If you’ve been to the flea market and love DIY projects, most likely you’ve bought and completed AT LEAST one window project. There’s unlimited ideas for reusing old windows online…. It truly seem endless.

This is actually my second window project - I haven’t shared my first one yet, as it’s still waiting to be hung up in Myla’s room. This window was actually given to me by someone who had quite a few sitting around after getting their windows replaced - free is always awesome… yay!!! It was originally white with a lot of chipping paint and I was almost going to leave it as is. But then I remembered I had bought some chalk paint - for what, I don’t remember anymore - BUT I had three colors and wanted to try some out. So I went with the green. I applied it after I did a light scraping and sanding to remove any large pieces of paint that were coming off. After two layers of green chalk paint, I went to town sanding and distressing it and finished it with a wax to seal it and give it a bit of a sheen.

The fun part wasn’t the painting of the window though… it was using a frosted spray paint and stencils to create a birch tree pattern on the glass panes on the back of the window. I made my own stencils using the same stencil film I used for this Ikea Table project. Unfortunately all the walls in our house are painted an off white color (picking paint colors is still on my to do list) because the frosted glass image definitely looks better against darker colors. But for now, it’s a subtle design that you’ll only be lucky enough to see if you happen to catch it in the right light - OR in the case below, just hitting it with a camera flash.

Once I hung the window, I decided to dress it up with some dried flowers I bought by wrapping hemp cord around the stems and adding a metal star (just like the ones from this ladder).