Easter Piggy

Smaller holidays (or should I say, less promoted, marketed, or advertised than Christmas) have a way of creeping up on me in which I’m usually scrambling last minute to pull something together. As I was talking with Myla last week about Easter, she reminded me that the Easter Bunny leaves coins in the eggs at our house (instead of chocolate or toys). A few years ago, the Easter Bunny made a special Patchwork Piggy Bank for Myla when she was old enough to collect eggs - and understand that something was supposed to be in them. When she was Maddox’s age, we got away with just doing an empty egg hunt - just finding the eggs alone was joy enough for her. BUT, since Maddox will be able to collect eggs this year, I’m sure Myla will question why he doesn’t have a special piggy bank like hers to put his coins in. Alas, I realized I had a project on my hands despite how busy this coming week was going to be.

Therefore, starting this past Saturday I began working on Maddox’s special Piggy Bank. I’ll admit that I was in a rush and was thinking that maaaaaybe I should have come up with some cool design to paint on the pig - like make it into a racecar pig, a camo pig, an argyle pig, or an airplane pig. Instead, I went with what I already knew and did another patchwork type piggy bank. Luckily I still have a HUGE book of scrapbooking paper in all sorts of colors and interesting patterns. I chose the colors we are hoping to do his toddler room in - blue and orange - because seriously, the way this kid climbs, I’m sure he’s going to be out of his crib even sooner than Myla was and he’ll need a big boy bed all his own.  

Finished Piggy Bank

Back to the Pig… I used my paper cutter to cut one inch squares from 5 different blues, and 4 different orange/browns. I started by marking on the pig where the color would change and then began Mod Podging the orange and browns from the bottom. Since the legs make it a little difficult to work around, I didn’t try to keep the pieces in any specific pattern until I made the last row where the color changes to blue. Then I kept working all the way to the top and when finished made sure to give the entire pig another really good coat of Mod Podge. I cut some brown felt for the ears, eyes, and nose and glued those on with tacky glue. And finished it off with a piece of twine detail where the color changes. (Twine does seem more masculine than ribbon, right?) You can view the steps in pictures when I made Myla's Piggy Bank.

Back and Top Views

I’m so looking forward to Easter morning - not only is Maddox really into working his fine motor skills, so I know he’ll enjoy putting the coins into the bank, BUT Myla will be so excited to see that her little brother got his very own bank for all the Easter Egg coins that will arrive that morning. She's truly such a sweetheart who loves her brother immensely - it makes my heart smile.