Barn Door

This post will be short and sweet as I’ve been a bit of a stress ball this past week or so. Between packing up the kids for a short weekend trip and helping to run the book fair at Myla’s preschool, there’s been some extra to-do’s on my plate causing my anxiety to rise… also resulting in a little extra flowing of the wine. Because face it, packing the kids up to go anywhere, even for a short trip takes just as many days as the trip is long. And trying to help run a book fair for the first time ever is a bit mind boggling especially when you still have mommy-brain.

Anyways, back to it… I wanted to share with you a simple project, so simple that all it took was three steps… well, ok, maybe four. Rewind a little first… I’m always in search of items to hang on our walls. As I’ve mentioned in the past, our new house has a lot of wall space compared to our last house… along with high ceilings and even some cathedral ceilings. Finding pictures or decor that is big enough to fill the space and not look awkward can be quite a task. Which is why, when I came across this ‘barn door’ at the Elephant’s Trunk, I thought it would be perfect and had to have it. For what I believe was a measly $17 dollars, I took this big hunk of wood home. After some Briwax (1), a nail hammered into the center (2), an old, white berry wreath I had sitting around (3) and screwing in a really nifty wall mount bracket for super heavy objects (4)... I had a pretty interesting piece of work on my wall that fits in with the rest of my rustic decor that I’m trying to fill my home with. This may quite possibly be one of my most favorite finds at the flea market when comparing design, uniqueness and price.