Paw Patrol Party

If you have young kids, you’ve probably heard of Paw Patrol. In our case, it's all we ever hear about. It’s a show on Nick Jr. about a boy and a group of pups who do rescue missions around Adventure Bay. This show - or more like the idea of it - has been Myla’s obsession for well over a year - although Wild Kratts is starting to nudge the Paw Patrol out of that top spot. (Watch out Ryder!) Myla will wake up first thing in the morning and start assigning us characters and stating the missions we are about to embark upon. The thing that might drive me the most nuts, is that Myla is extremely imaginative - a good characteristic, of course - but she prefers to act out everything rather than playing with figurines (which by the way, she owns them ALL). All this acting makes for some exhausting play when you’re expected to run, jump, roll, stand up, sit down and fly…. I now understand the insanity I put my own parents through. Like mother, like daughter.

As Myla's 4th birthday came rolling up, what else would she want as the theme but Paw Patrol, right? Although it was my intention to do mostly store bought party supplies this year, that wasn’t entirely possible. You see… Nick Jr. decided to add a NEW PUP last year to the line up named Everest. She is now one of two girl pups on the show. The other girl pup, named Skye, is pretty girly and dainty flying around in her helicopter. As where Everest is a bit more of a tough girl - driving around in her snow rescue mobile and snowboarding down mountain sides. She’s definitely a bit sillier too - all which Myla relates to better. So of course, she wanted her theme to revolve around Everest. The only problem is that Nick Jr. has been really slow to release any products with Everest on them which left me needing to figure out how I could do the least possible in the handmade department. I decided that the invite, cake and a touch of handmade decor would be my limit. And I actually stood my ground against my own creative hamster-wheel mind.

To begin, I found some decent resolution images of the pups on the internet and went to work on the invite and table decor. The invite was pretty simple showcasing Everest and Skye on the front - but of course I needed to add Ryder (the boy) and his main pup, Chase, on the back - just to make sure it appealed to both the girls and boys invited to her party. And I opted for some fun chalkboard style text (that is the trendy thing to do now, right?)

Front of Invitation

Back of Invitation (sorry about the bad print job - our printer just finally kicked the bucket - this invite ended up being it's last job)

As for the table decor, I used those images I found online and blew them up to fill almost an entire sheet of paper. I also flipped the image using photo editing software and printed both images on card stock. I used double sided tape to stick them together once they were cut out. I then cut out bands of green to make a ring which the figure would sit on by making small slits in both the band and the figure so they would stand upright on the tables. Pretty simple and a lot less time consuming than it looks. And of course, I made sure that Everest would be standing on the table by the birthday girl.

Table Decor

Pup table decor on tables.

And finally, I had to make the cake. I decided a simple sheet cake would be the way to go here since I had to transport it to Sky Zone where the party was held. Typically, I don’t like to eat fondant, but I do like using it to decorate cakes - it’s the “play doh” of the cake world. I made the large Everest head out of fondant and placed it in the middle of the cake after I used buttercream frosting to cover the cake and decorate the edges. Myla also insisted on those large, round sprinkles along the border - and I have to admit, I like her style. And finally, because I was afraid of writing “Happy Birthday Myla” on the cake for fear of messing it up, I made a little banner (and used the leftover straws from her Frozen party last year as the poles). The rest of the party, I left up to Sky Zone... and BOY did it feel good to let someone else take control… and cleanup too.

Everest Cake

Myla blowing out her candles.