Coffee Talk Table Piece

On another Sunday adventure to the Elephant’s Trunk, I found an old soda crate unlike others I had seen there before. What drew me towards this one in particular was the grayish-blue hue to the wood. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m going to do with the piece I buy, but I know I must have it because I like something about it. In this case, it was the color. Plus, when it comes to old soda crates, there are a million DIY ideas out there, so I knew it wouldn’t be wasted. When deciding what I would finally do with it, I thought I’d make a centerpiece for my coffee table in the family room. The room is currently decorated in natural browns and grays with hits of bluish-turquoise and a toned-down lime green. I knew this piece would fit. 

Finished piece

I brought it home and cleaned it up - just had to figure out what to fill it with. One of the inside boards was broken so there was a double wide spot. I had seen a lot of books at “The Trunk” and thought it would be a nice idea to find some books with titles that “struck a cord” with me to fill that space. It took me a few trips to find the fours book in there. I also didn’t want to spend a lot as it was purely for decoration - not collecting purposes - so that made it a little more difficult. I searched for ones with titles that would represent each one of us… Me, Justin, Myla and Maddox - the inside content didn’t matter. 

The first book I found was “The Rainbow”… for Maddox, my rainbow baby. The next I found was “Eat and Be Healthy” - I thought it was appropriate for both me and Justin, but I leaned towards Justin on this one. After we started dating, he decided to begin eating a vegetarian diet when at home with me, and with that his health improved too. Next, I found “The World’s Best Poetry” - which I felt fit me and my never ending search for beauty in the world. And finally, I found “The City’s Perils”… for Myla. Ha! Our spirited, strong-willed, overly dramatic, crazy, hysterical, imaginative, little princess, tom-boy whose always on the move and upside-down. What other title could fit this little girl, who calls herself “Dangerous”, more appropriately? One day she may hit me for saying that. The best part, the books look good as a grouping.

Make sure to add felt feet to any piece that could potentially scratch your furniture - this piece has metal banding that wraps underneath the box.

Finally, I bought some old glass milk bottles from The Glass Guy at The Trunk and filled them with interesting moss and dried/wood flowers. I finished off the piece with four candles I picked up for a great price at Homegoods. To add some holiday spirit this past Christmas, I added some artificial poinsettias… and again, like my dining room table centerpiece, I forgot to get photos. Oops... next Christmas.