Burlap Rose Wreath with ‘Pop’

In my last post I shared the large, burlap rose, grapevine wreath project I completed for our family room. I mentioned I had originally bought a smaller wreath which I found to be too small for the space above our fireplace and decided to keep it anyways. Since we recently redid our bedroom - new furniture and all new bedding - I needed to work on some decor for that room (and still do) and liked the idea of adding a wreath above our bed. And because our new bedding has fun colors in it like ‘desert rose’ and orange, I thought this would be a great opportunity to add a little ‘pop’ of color. (I believe I may be addicted to creating burlap roses.)

I used the same technique to make the flowers as I did with the first wreath. This time I used primarily white and gray with a few pops of orange and pink. To offset the flowers on the wreath and add a bit more detail, I cut a large rectangle of white burlap and created folds using hot glue on the ends - like making pleats. I then wrapped it around the wreath, tacking again with hot glue. I completed it with two strips of gray burlap that I wrapped at the top and bottom of the white burlap and tacked again with glue on the back. And that was it. Adding those bits of “pop” is a great way to add or tie in additional color around a room.