Burlap Rose Grapevine Wreath

I finally have a clear mind now that I’ve emptied my brain in my last post. I never thought of myself as much of a writer, or having the "need" to write - but writing really made me feel better. Now, I can finally focus on my crafty projects again. Yay!!! 

So back to it we go.... Months ago, I created a few burlap roses with stems and felt leaves for a fabric-covered, wine bottle vase I had sitting around. When I went shopping for burlap for that project (and the framed burlap art piece), I discovered the numerous colors and patterns available - both fabric by the yard and in “ribbon rolls”. I got carried away and purchased quite a few colors and patterns. However, to date, I’ve only completed two additional projects.

Since moving into our new house, one of my top priorities has been to decorate above our fireplace. We have a two-story family room with massive amounts of empty wall space. I found a wreath at Michael’s that was about 3 feet in diameter. I brought it home, but it still looked rather small for that area. I kept telling myself I need to think bigger. I decided to keep the wreath anyways as I got a good buy on it and I was sure I would find another place for it down the road. 

A month or so passed and I went back into Michael’s and found a wreath that was even bigger!!! This new one was about 4 feet in diameter. I brought it home and figured it would work pretty well. I still had wanted a bigger one, but that meant custom ordering it for some exuberant price and I wasn’t sure I was ready to do that especially if I discovered all my efforts to complete this project failed. 

I found this new tutorial on how to make roses from burlap, or any material for that matter, which allowed me to make the flowers as large or small as I wanted simply by changing the width and length of the burlap strips. (It’s a different method/tutorial than I used for the burlap roses I made for the vase - very similar, but I found this one to be simpler.) I couldn’t believe how easy it was, once I got the hang of it. It almost became second nature. I found it to be quite a relaxing process too… folding, twisting, gluing… repeat.

I wanted to keep the wreath pretty simple as we have other decorations along our mantel. My style is definitely about simplicity, firmly believing “less is more”. Therefore, I kept the roses to three colors: white, tan and dark brown. I did work on making leaves out of burlap as well (pictured below). I watered down some Modge Podge and covered the burlap with the mixture using a paint brush. Then hung it to dry - the glue dries clear and the fabric becomes stiff and moldable. Most importantly, the glue prevents shredding when you cut out the leaf shapes. However, after placing them around the wreath, I felt it was becoming too busy and removed them.

Burlap leaves which I decided to omit from this project.

I simply attached the flowers with a hot glue gun. Ditched my original plan of wiring them on… and that was it! Although I made this one pretty simple, there are so many other elements you can add such as the burlap leaves, or other materials, like lace, feathers, beads, pearls and roses in additional fabrics. (Something else to add to my craft to-do list.)