Mother's Day Card & Keepsake

Maybe it’s the weather we’ve been having… the cold, dreary weather, but it’s May already. Although, it still feels like early April and Mother’s Day is this Sunday! I had hoped to post this little project sooner, but I’ve been working on a really big project that’s draining me and taking most of my time. So, hopefully if you’re still looking for an easy project to do with your little one, this can give you some inspiration.

When Myla was a little over 5 months old, I wanted to do my first craft project with her. Well, maybe not our first. We DID try one of those handprint Christmas ornament kits when she was a month old - sooo not successful. But the following year we DID find a fun way to create handprint ornaments that were MUCH more successful.

Anyways, I wanted to create Mother’s Day cards for each Grandmother with Myla’s very first finger painting (with Mommy’s help, of course) that would become a special keepsake.

I started by creating these cards using black construction paper, origami paper, ribbon, watercolor paper and paints, and my printer. Origami paper is one of my favorite fun craft  supplies to have on hand. They are the perfect little size, with fun colors and patterns, that make beautiful little backgrounds for homemade cards and gift tags. After assembling the cards, it was time to “paint” with Myla. I cut small squares of heavy card stock, dipped Myla’s tiny little fingers in some pink, pearly paint, and “painted” little hearts. What I love about this little painting, is seeing how tiny her finger tips were. I added a little tag reading “Painted with Love by Myla” and glued it on the back of the card. 

In order to make this homemade card and painting into a special keepsake, I searched high and low for the perfect size frame. After giving the cards to each grandmother, we gave them the frame so they could display Myla’s very first painting. Only thing I wish I did was make one for myself as a remembrance of my very first Mother’s Day. (So make sure you remember to do that for yourself.) 

Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom and Mom-to-be, every Step-Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, to each Adoptive Mother, to the Mom who has lost, and those women who may not be mothers by blood or on paper, but are truly Moms in every sense of the word. Enjoy your special day - you deserve it as it’s you who have the biggest hearts and share the most amazing love.