Long Necklace, Short Rant

This week I’ve been dabbling back in my jewelry after taking quite a long break while I worked on other types of projects for our home and Myla. I haven’t quite created anything yet as I’ve been a tad bit busy this week. I’ve basically just been laying out beads in different patterns, playing with wire, and deciding what other components I need to search out - that’s if and when I get little snippets of “me” time. 

So why haven’t I had much “me” time recently? Not only has Myla been fighting naps (which she clearly still needs), but the other day SHE DECIDED she wanted to start potty training. I was planning on holding off until the warmer weather came (play outside and let the accidents happen where they are easier to clean up). Over the past several weeks, maybe even months by now, she has insisted on wearing panties. But since I wasn’t ready, I would always convince her to put a diaper back on after a few hours. Well, that didn’t work this time. After taking about 10 pairs of panties to bed with her Monday night (on top of the 10 stuffed animals and 10 books she insists on sleeping with) she woke up proclaiming she was wearing panties now. I've tried offering up diapers several times... nope. Well, alright then Miss Myla - we’re gonna give it a go. So far, she has amazed me. But, I’m still not sure how all this is going to work out since if I ever suggest ANYTHING, let alone trying the potty before leaving the house, I get a resounding “NO” in return. Just HOW DO YOU get a strong-willed toddler to believe it’s THEIR idea to TRY going potty before leaving the house, or taking a nap, etc?

Potty training rant over.

So, while I don’t have a recent jewelry creation to share with you, here is a necklace I made a while back. I was inspired by a friend’s necklace I saw which was very, very long - and I thought, how cool… It could be be worn doubled up, tripled up, or even as one very long, single strand necklace (which would end past the waistline). And well, I wanted one too. I still had plenty of green pearls to use on this piece as I only used two on the last vintage inspired necklace I had made. I also had some very light green/silver pearls as well as a string of blue to yellow hued, green-toned stones. I created beaded links and joined them with long lengths of chain in between. A long, sparkly necklace like this looks great with a simple tunic or shirt. It can take a very casual piece of clothing and dress it up much better than most shorter necklaces.