Patchwork Piggy Bank

I know, I know… I’m late sharing this post. And I know, I know, it really shouldn’t matter because this blog is about sharing my creative projects with you whenever that may be - with the hope of inspiring you to “create”. However, I really wanted to share this Easter Gift Idea well before Easter. But, I underestimated my free time and had to call in my mom, and my niece and nephew, to help entertain Myla yesterday while I finished up this project.

Making Myla a custom Piggy Bank has been on my to-do list for quite some time. I remember my own from childhood. A little white pig with a yellow bow and flower - It was a super special place where I stored all my special coins and two-dollar bills. Therefore, when I spotted a huge porcelain piggy bank, and had a 40% off coupon, I almost started jumping up and down. It was perfect! And even more perfect for only $5. 

I thought about materials I already had on hand including a book of scrapbooking paper in a ton of different colors - I just needed to buy some ModPodge - and I could cover the bank with bits of colorful paper. I was already loving the idea I had - but of course, most good ideas have already been thought of by someone else. Which is why I thought it was funny as I was walking around JoAnn’s and came across one of their project idea instruction sheets for a Piggy Bank similar to the one I wanted to create for Myla. Although mine is definitely better. (wink wink)

I began by pulling out all the materials I thought I might use including feathers, ribbons, flowers, paper, and felt. And I got to work.

I started by choosing paper in three similar colors for the bottom portion of the pig and three for the top. Then, I cut those into one inch squares. I marked off a two inch high line around the pig as a guide for placing the first row of paper squares. Using the ModPodge I worked the squares around the entire bottom portion of the pig in an irregular pattern after the first row. I noticed too that by rubbing the brush with glue a few extra times, that it gave the paper a slightly worn look which I just so happened to like. It almost made it look like worn leather. Then I began on the top section, but this time, I kept all the squares in the same pattern to make it look like patchwork.

Once finished, I covered the color split with ribbon. Then I cut out felt for the nose, ears and eyes - and made a little bow for the top with a few feathers tucked in.

Now for the Easter Gift part of this project… 

I wanted to try to avoid giving Myla candy, at least for another few years before she “expects” it. I thought about stickers or trinkets, but she already has plenty of those. So what’s something that is fun to receive that isn’t trash-worthy? Money!!! I don’t know about you, but we tend to throw all our coins into a jar that sits around with no purpose. Therefore, I decided to give those coins a purpose and stuff them into the 48 eggs Myla would go out hunting for. And the Piggy Bank was the perfect complementing present to put all that treasure. We actually did our egg hunt this morning and Myla loved opening all 48 eggs and popping the coins into her very own Piggy Bank.