Easter Egg Carton Craft

There’s no better time to make egg carton crafts than at Easter. If you’re like me, (and the hubby insists there are going to be eggs in the house), I usually buy organic, certified humane, brown eggs - which always seem to come in clear plastic egg cartons - which aren’t very craft friendly. And since brown eggs aren’t as easy to dye for Easter, this is probably the only time of year that we would probably opt for the regular white eggs which usually come in the perfectly craft-able, cardboard egg carton.

I don’t know what it is about creating projects from recyclable materials like egg cartons and paper towel rolls that’s so much fun. Perhaps it’s just knowing the materials are laying around the house somewhere - as was all the other materials I used for this fun toddler craft with Myla. 

Some staple kid craft supplies I keep on hand (and suggest to others) are: googly eyes, pipe cleaners, beads, pom poms, feathers, construction paper, glue, popsicle sticks, and paints. So, I went into the craft cabinet and pulled out a few of those items. I most certainly didn’t want to go overboard with these and wanted to only use materials I already had. Plus, Myla’s attention span for crafts is still somewhere in the 10 minute range.

We did this project in different stages in order to hold her attention. Before we even got started and she was busy playing, I cut out the egg carton cups. Here is where I learned that not all egg cartons are created equal. They actually come in different shapes and usable cup depths. So, while the carton I had wasn’t the best, I was still determined to make it work. After all, I need to get over my perfectionism - this was just a toddler craft project and I’m sure Myla wasn’t going to notice the difference.

While I cut out all the little feet, wings, ears, teeth, and beaks, I let Myla chop away with her safety scissors at the same color construction paper I was working with. She got in some good scissor practice while also feeling like she was helping with those pieces. 

Then we took a break while I set up for the next step: painting! We worked with one color at a time and I made sure to find big brushes which would easily help her cover the entire cup. In the end, I still had to touch them up as her attention went from painting the cups to painting the large piece of cardboard we used as our work surface. I can’t blame her - just look at that big beautiful empty canvas. By the way, acrylic craft paint is non-toxic and pretty easy to clean up from hands and tables - so let them have fun!

We took another long break while we let those dry and played outside for a bit. During that time, Gramma decided to stop by for a visit and we reeled her into the assembly part.  We used a tiny strip of paper to connect the top and bottom by gluing it to the inside. Then we started by gluing on the feet, all the other paper pieces, pom poms, and finished up with the eyes. I love how by simply placing the eyes, beaks or teeth in slightly different positions, you get such funny expressions on each one.

Myla loved holding the “little chicks and bunnies” gently in her hands. She thinks they are super cute. Perhaps on Easter morning, I’ll fill them with white and yellow mini cadbury eggs and leave them out on the breakfast table as a little surprise as I don’t plan on putting any candy in her easter basket. I’m sure she’s going to get her fill from the grandparents in that department.