All Good Things…

...must come to an end. No, no... I'm not ending my blog. Although, honestly, sometimes finding the time these days is difficult. I'm certainly not one of those moms who pretends like she has it all together. I'm quite the opposite. Myla's naps are shortening and her bedtime is becoming later. Between taking care of the house and a very demanding toddler, I'm left with little energy at the end of the day. My brain keeps spinning, but my body can't keep up. I suppose it's better to have a body that won't keep up than a brain that won't keep up. Ha.

Anyways, back to this project. Being on such a roll creating vintage-inspired jewelry like the tiered, amber glass bead set and multi-strand, coral necklace with pearl brooches… AND ABSOLUTELY LOVING the pearl set with offset antique gold flower I made, I decided to make one last necklace with some vintage appeal.  

I wanted to incorporate antique gold flowers again like the one I used on the pearl set. However, this time I tried for a symmetrical look. I used two smaller flowers and added small green pearls to the centers. Then strung green, glass seed beads for the multiple strands which are slightly tiered. I thought the chain worked wonderfully as its wider size gives it some substance. But, because of the thinness of the wire, it also has an airy feel which complements the delicate seed beads. I finished it off with an elegant and detailed hook closure.

Sadly, this was my last necklace that was vintage-inspired - for now anyways. I’ve still been making jewelry, but with inspiration pulled from elsewhere. So it’s not really the end, right?