Making Burlap Beautiful

Burlap, burlap everywhere… or at least all over the craft stores, home decor stores and of course, Pinterest. I hadn’t really paid too much attention to the fabric until I bought some for last week’s project: Love is Simple. At the time, I also bought two other printed burlap fabrics which may become part of my “collage wall” I spoke about last week. Ah… the suspense. 

Anyways, one project on my craft to-do list is make a grapevine wreath with burlap flowers. I never attempted to make fabric flowers before like some of my other crafty momma friends, but wanted to give it a try. I figured there had to be directions somewhere out there. Low and behold - I found several tutorials on YouTube and decided to pick this one to try first.

Overall, they were pretty easy to make - although not as easy as she makes it out to be. One thing I learned is that you basically get two or three shots at rolling/twisting them up before all the threads become too unruly to work with. The one rose with a bead in the middle become just that - the center came unrolled and the threads were loosening up. I decided this would become an open rose showing its filaments. To do that, I glued a bead in the center and then took one thread from the burlap, wrapped it back and forth, and tucked it through the bead. Not too bad for a first try.

Years ago I was given a bottle of wine in this neat canvas gift bag tied with twine. It looked too pretty to just toss so once I finished the bottle of wine, I put it back into the bag. At our last house, I had been using it to display dried flowers. But once we got into our new home, I took those flowers and put them into another vase. The burlap flowers I just made were too pretty to go to waste and I knew they would look nice in the wine bottle vase. I just needed to figure out a way to get these flat-backed flowers onto stems. 

To keep this project simple, I used some green felt I already had. I only had to buy the brown flower stems (available at most craft stores). I cut two leaves from the felt for each flower as seen above and hot glued the stem between them. Once dry, I opened the leaves and hot glued the flowers to the leaves which I angled into a slight “V” shape. I was then able to cut and bend the stem wire to arrange them in the wine bottle vase.

Both the burlap and the red canvas match last week’s project - so on the console they now sit together.