What Every Lady Should Own

Yes! Another jewelry post BUT I know some ladies will LOVE this one. This is also a continuation of my vintage-inspired designs after this necklace/earring set and this necklace/brooch set. After working to make the pearl brooches, I decided that I should make myself a pearl necklace and earring set. After all, there are some firm believers who say “every lady should own pearls” - and until now, I didn’t own any.

Perfectly round pearls are gorgeous - it’s true. But they are also the most thought of when thinking of pearls - and I’m typically not one to go with the grain. Every pearl is like a fingerprint, each one completely unique, and what better way to show that than using slightly odd-shaped pearls. For this necklace I decided to use potato pearls. Each of these pearls has a lot of character and reflect a luster all its own.

To create a pearl necklace with a vintage appeal, I found the antique gold flower which I felt would beautifully offset a tiered necklace and become a subtle focal point. Then I bought matching findings in the same finish. I also did a bit of searching to find the perfect clasp and earring hooks which add just enough extra detail to consider this a really special set - which has truly become my favorite.