A Return to Vintage Appeal

Two weeks ago I shared my Vintage Appeal post featuring a Multi-Strand, Beaded-Link and Chain Necklace and Earring Set I made. This was the start of my little venture into vintage style inspired jewelry. The next pieces I created led way for me to experiment a little. I wanted to create a statement necklace using several strands of coral/coral-like beads and accent the piece with silver - BUT I also wanted to add a removable brooch made of pearls. I had never even thought about making brooches before this idea came to mind - nevertheless figure out how to attach one to a necklace if so desired.

The first brooch I made (pictured lower left) was quite heavy as I used headpins to attach each bead to a perforated disc. For the next brooch, I tried a different approach using smaller pearls and wire which I “sewed” through the perforated disc. It turned out slightly less heavy than the first. Each disc was finished with a pin back. The pin back actually fits around two strands of the necklace. Although, honestly, it still doesn’t sit as well as I had hoped - perhaps I need to twist the strands of the necklace to get it all to hold in place better. In any case, the brooches turned out better than I had hoped and still look amazing with the necklace or on their own. I’ve been thinking of pairing them together (but separately) by trying the brooch on a small belt of a dress while wearing the necklace as is. Now I just need a reason to get dressed up.