Back to Earthy

This week’s post will be short. I’m actually looking into preschools for Myla… yes, preschool, which has consumed a good portion of my free time this past week. I know it feels strange for most moms to be looking so soon but preschools are holding open houses this month and registration fills up before summer. Yikes! It’s even stranger to feel like you JUST celebrated your child’s second birthday - and in Myla’s case, we pretty much just did. Gotta love those late birthdays.

Anyways, a few days ago I took a little break from the preschool research madness and drew during Myla’s nap. I ended up drawing trees… No matter how far off I stray in any designerly direction, I always find myself centering back on earthy subjects which reminded me of this necklace. I created it after working a lot with beaded wire links and making what I consider “fancier” jewelry. After completing this necklace, I took a whole new design direction for jewelry which you’ll see in the coming weeks.

Made of a large wooden pendant, carved wood and green glass beads, and finished with tiny silver spacers and a silver magnetic clasp (great for chunky necklaces and for toddlers who like to pull on jewelry) this pretty much screams earthy, peace, and tranquility. Paired with simple green glass bead earrings.