A Little Project to Celebrate a Birth

Here's a little project that's quick and easy enough for anyone, even the not-so-crafty momma. Although, I swear there's something about becoming a mother (or other exciting, life changing event like planning a wedding) that brings out the creative side in people who thought they never had a creative bone in their body. 

This simple shadow box displays a few of the items from Myla's birth: the hospital bracelets, the little hat she wore for those first few days and a small picture of her in the warming blanket and hat, with her cheeks still pink. This shadow box sits on her bookshelf and is a constant reminder of that amazing day and a reminder of how tiny she was. Sure, it may not be as "creative" as many of my other projects for her, but it's special and sentimental and something to be cherished.

In the beginning, I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do with these items but I knew that I didn't want a huge shadow box on her wall with many items, or to make a scrap book that would be put away and out of sight, or to pack them away in her Memory Box where I keep cards, her homecoming outfit, her pavlik harness and the Balloon Bloomers I made her, among other items. I wanted these few items to have their own place and to be easily displayed in her room, or other rooms in the future, without becoming a focal point. By keeping it small, it sits perfectly on a shelf and acts as a little surprise among the books, radio, toys and dolls.