Measuring Myla

Oh my, Myla… look at you grow. It still blows my mind how much a baby grows during the first year of life. Myla grew more than 9 inches and more than tripled her birth weight by her first birthday. Now as she is approaching 2 years old, she has already grown another 4+ inches. And one day… it's going to be hard to look back and remember just how tiny she was - it's already quite difficult to remember how I cradled her in one arm.

Although we have a little book from the pediatrician's office with Myla's stats - which will always be a nice keepsake, it's not very visual for helping to remember our tiny tot… which is why I wanted to make Myla her very own Height Chart. A special place to mark her height every year on her birthday. Sure, a wall or doorway works too - but what happens if we want to paint or remodel or even end up moving? Making Myla her very own height chart will make sure we have those little tick marks forever - and maybe one day she can measure her own children against it as they grow. I'm sure they'd get a kick out of comparing heights.

I got the idea of making this project from one of my mommy friends. She created one for another baby for the "Babies First Birthday" I wrote about last week. She used a thinner piece of material than the wood I chose - but I knew this was a chance for Justin to get involved in my project again. He used the router to add a curved edge. We attached simple brackets to the back of our piece, whereas my mommy friend was able to use mirror hanging clips.

Since Myla's room is based on the Skip Hop treetop friends theme, I painted a tree along the one side (figure it's a cute image to mark her height on and solid enough of a background to write her age and height). I called upon Justin again for this project when I drew an owl and bird on a piece of wood and asked him to cut them out with the power tools. After a good sanding and painting, they came out perfect - and I love the added dimension along with the letters of her name. After painting the rest of the board, I used wood glue to attach the pieces to the board (and they've held up great to Myla's tugging and pulling). We then attached the brackets to the back at top. And just like the letters above her bed, I attached the pink bows at top AFTER hanging (to hide the brackets in this case as they aren't very pretty).

Here are some detailed pics including the "bark" pattern I added with the brown-tinted glitter paint, the labeled tick marks done with silver sharpie marker, and the brackets we attached to the back. The only thing I might have changed looking back now, is that maybe I should have stuck with a more neutral theme as she will soon be outgrowing her Owl nursery… and moving on to her toddler room… Oh my, Myla, please don't grow so fast… I want you to stay tiny for quite a while longer.