Look Whoo's Turning One (errr, Two) (Part 1 of 2)

Many of Myla's friends have just turned 2 or are about to. Myla has a little less than 4 months to go which is starting to get my brain spinning about party themes (and honestly making me freak out a little - how, oh how, did two years go by, let alone one!?!?) Last year for Myla's First Birthday I chose Owls for the theme… what else, right? I figured it might be the last time Myla would be OK with me going a little owl crazy and this time I could make them PINK! 

The first party item I made was her birthday hat. I originally made this hat for a group birthday party when Myla was about 9 months old (pictured below). I have 17 other mommy friends that I met in a Mother/Baby Talk group for new moms - we all had our babies within about 5 months of one another, Myla being one of the younger ones. Last August, we had a 1st birthday party for all 18 babies. As part of the party prep, each mother made their little one a party hat (I still can't believe how amazing they all turned out - it's awesome being surrounded by other creative moms). Anyways, I picked up some various scrapbooking paper, large google-y eyes, and feathers and got a little carried away. I can't tell if it looks more like an owl, or a headpiece for one of those show girls in Las Vegas. Ha! But I love it and I think Myla looked adorable regardless. This turned out to be the perfect launching pad to create Myla's First Birthday theme.

Second party item: Invitations! I used some more of that scrapbooking paper to create them (seriously, the prints and textures of these papers are so amazing, and make doing any paper craft that much more fun). I bought some square envelopes and made sure to create them so they would fit inside. I used a rubber stamp on the back for all the party "info" and hand wrote the rest. Although these are definitely not the most professional looking invitations - I think they came out super cute which sparked my idea for her cake (you'll have to wait until next week's post to see that).

Third party item: Decorations! I created Owl Lanterns to hang up around the house. Four large ones and a string of tiny ones. A fellow mommy friend of mine found this idea on Pinterest and used big lanterns to create fish for her little ones 1st birthday. After seeing those, I knew I could make owls out of them too. I used felt to create the wings, eyes and feather ears.

Check back next week to see the last party items: Cake and Cupcakes!!!