What's Old is New Again

If you've read through some of my other posts, you'll know that years ago my idea of making jewelry was stringing a pendant on to a black leather cord and tying it around my neck. One of those pendants is the shell flower seen below. I think one of the best things about jewelry making is being able to take old necklaces apart, either ones I've made before or vintage finds, and creating something new with them. And, it's so easy to change out clasps or other parts until I have the piece just right. Truthfully, there is still something about this piece that isn't quite right and I'll probably change it somewhere along the way - or take it completely apart. And that's perfectly ok - it's about experimenting. Sometimes the endless possibilities in making jewelry are extremely overwhelming and after finishing a piece, I suddenly have a million other ideas with the same beads I just used.

Anyways, if you've ever thought about getting into jewelry making, I highly encourage you to try. Find some beads you like, buy some wire, crimps and clasps and begin to play. You can always take it all apart and the most you'll lose is the crimps and maybe some wire. Everything else can be used for something new again.