My natural tendency to be drawn towards earthy stylings, combined with my new found love of "pretty" things, lead me to create this necklace - a necklace of earthy, "pretty" balance. It is truly one of my favorites as I feel it's totally "me" but more of an "evolved me" - an easy balance to find when making jewelry. Not so easy when finding balance in life… at least for me. And, even more so since becoming a mommy. As I mentioned in an earlier post, someone once gave me some parenting advice - about making sure to do something for myself… so I don't find myself lost one day when Myla has left the nest. For starters, I began this blog which has helped me focus energy into creating, crafting and blogging. And, I try to get to yoga class once a week… which is still a struggle. I know there isn't an answer out there, but I'd love to hear your balance story.