Girls Night Out

Oh, the excitement of the much needed girls night out - something I hadn't really appreciated as much before having a baby. I see it as the opportunity to use those nice clothes hanging in the back of the closet, and to wear a nice necklace, knowing a baby or toddler isn't eyeing it up, reaching out, grabbing a hold and tug, tug, tugging… I see it as a chance to immediately pass parenting duties off to my hubby as I get ready to go out. It's my chance to drive the fun car (my husbands) and play any music other than "toddler radio" on pandora really, really loud and sing to my heart's content. It also means not having to listen to the sound machine through the baby monitor as I drink a glass of wine… or two, or three. And of course, my turn to chat it up with some lovely ladies (some being fellow mommies) over some good food.

You may be wondering why a girls night out is so exciting to me. I rarely get away from Myla (which is by no means a bad thing - except maybe a little bad for my sanity)… I don't use a daycare since I'm home with her every day. I don't use sitters, except for my mother - and usually it's after Myla has gone to bed, or occasionally for an hour or so if I have an appointment. I'd say that I'm pretty much with her 24/7 - not sure if that's a good thing for either of us, but it is what it is. I don't really take time away on the weekends and leave her with Justin. Don't get me wrong, I have occasionally when I've gotten a massage or taken the dogs to the vet. And it's not because I feel he's incapable - he's actually quite an amazing father… but, I don't look at the weekend as my turn to have a break. You are probably thinking "well, what about when you and Justin have date night". Honestly, Justin and I don't have many date nights - they usually occur only when other events are happening, like us attending a wedding or perhaps a special occasion like a birthday. Again, it all comes back to me not wanting to leave Myla with anyone but family and me just not wanting to burden them. I have only myself to blame. Therefore, we tend to do a lot of fun dinners at home after Myla has gone to sleep, and we watch movies and drink some delicious wine (while listening to that baby monitor). So, when I see the words Girls Night Out or Mommies Night Out - I see a little bit of freedom and the chance to clear my ears of the sound machine.

This necklace is one of the first "fancy" necklaces I've made - a necklace to get dressed up with for a night out. And in my case… most likely a Girls Night Out.