M - Y - L - A

All parents have their own methods for choosing baby names… post-it notes, white boards, apps, family names, etc. We had a very difficult time with names. I constantly searched through apps and websites, and even movie credits, reading names to Justin - but nothing ever came of that. We chose Myla's name sitting at dinner one night listening to music. "A Song for Myla Goldberg" by The Decemberists came on and immediately, we both looked at each other and said - that's it! We had already discussed middle names knowing we wanted to honor a grandparent - but didn't want to use their actual legal name. My grandmother, Loretta, used to go by Lottie in her early years. Therefore, we decided on Myla Lottie for a girl. We never fully decided on a boy's name - good thing we had a girl. 

It was Thanksgiving Night after I went to bed, and after a big meal and a glass of wine, that I went into labor (before my scheduled c-section a few days away). After denying that I was actually having contractions, we made our way to the hospital in the middle of the night. Once there and they confirmed my contractions - I was told I'd be having this baby in about 45 mins. My parents came by the hospital to see me briefly before I went into the OR. I remember turning to my mother and saying "this day is the day that gramma past - 4 years ago". She turned with a smile, and a tear in her eye, and said, "yes it is". Justin turned to my mom and said, "if that's the case, it's gonna be a girl." Neither Justin nor my Mom knew that I had once asked my grandmother before she passed to give me a sign after she goes that she was still with me. I said it couldn't be just any sign - I wanted her to slap me up side the face with a sign. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter or more amazing and blatant sign than Lil' Miss Myla Lottie herself who arrived exactly 4 years after my grandmother had passed, just about to the minute.

After we brought Myla home, I wanted to take her gender neutral bedroom, and girly it up a bit. I always wanted to decorate the letters of her name for her wall. At first, I was going to do some funky patterns or continue the owl theme, but then decided that I wanted this to be something to grow with her beyond her nursery. I bought the letters at Michaels and used Martha Stewart pearl paints. I kept the brush strokes even in a diagonal direction to keep them uniform and dotted light pink around the edges. I simply glued the light pink ribbons to the back and hung the letters on nails. To keep those pink dotted bows at top looking good - I cheated and hot glued them to the nails once the letters were hung. M to the Y to the L to the A… Yay!!!