Owl Cupcake Binge

The theme for Baby K's shower: Owls! What else? I had always wanted to try working with fondant and I love cupcakes. Figured I would help out my mother and sister with my baby shower by making owl themed cupcakes. I bought the ingredients, wrappers, white and chocolate fondant, color fondant powder, various cookie cutters, little candy eyes and decided to just wing it the day before the shower. It should be just like play-doh, right? After baking the cupcakes, and filling with frosting, I got to work on the fun, but extremely time-consuming, task of decorating. I used a round biscuit cutter to make the white circles to cover the tops of the cupcakes. Next, I used a tulip shaped cutter for the owls, and later removed the middle pedal with a knife. Turned out it made the perfect size owl to which I applied the candy eyes. I used a knife to cut out all the branches and beaks, and a small leaf cookie cutter. Then using the powdered fondant color, mixed with a tiny bit of vodka, I painted the beaks and the leaves. The brush strokes gave a bit of dimension to the leaves. I absolutely loved how they turned out, but also couldn't believe how long it took to make and decorate two dozen cupcakes. Let's just say when this momma-to-be was done decorating, she couldn't wait for bed.