Pretty Things

Let me begin by saying that any mom who says the first few months with a new baby is easy has clearly forgotten or definitely has a warped sense of reality. Sure, I might have had a harder time than some, but just about everyone is faced with the unexpected somewhere along the way and most certainly a lack of sleep. Of course I experienced joy and happiness and pure love - my goodness, Myla is the most amazing little human being on this planet (at least in my eyes). But, I worried so much in the beginning - I never slept or rested and truly wore myself out. I felt like it was never going to get easier. Ah, the crazy things you think when you're so sleep deprived. There are certain things, simple things, that helped me feel better… like taking a shower and putting on some makeup each day (a true accomplishment for any new mom)… and eventually making some pretty things - for me.

Once I actually started venturing out of the house alone with Myla, I visited the bead shop. I had this vision of a necklace with large white beads - somewhat beach-y, "prettier" than what I've made before. I wanted it to be dressed up or down easily (let's face it, I was in no mind set to leave my baby with anyone and get all dolled up to go out). I found the perfect white beads and accented them with tiny champagne-colored glass beads and little silver spacers - I liked how they added that little touch of extra "pretty" to the piece. Soon I realized that I do like "pretty" things, and those pretty things, especially the ones I made, made me feel pretty… and less like a sluggish, spit-up covered, new mom. This piece, and the pretty things yet to come, also gave me something to be proud of and something else to focus on besides being "mommy".

Someone once gave me quite possibly the best "parenting" advice ever: "You don't want to be a stay-at-home mom without doing something for yourself. You don't want to wake up one day when your kids go off to college and find that you have nothing to do."