Father's Day and Pints

With Father's Day fast approaching, I thought I'd share last year's gift idea. Justin loves beer, loves brewing beer, and loves visiting breweries and unique establishments that serve up local brews. Our plan was to do something beer-based that day and I thought it was the perfect idea to create his gift around. I certainly can not take credit for the "Pint" and "Half Pint" designs below, as I grabbed them somewhere off the internet. However, since I loved making the Appliquéd Onesies for Baby K, I wanted to replicate the Pint/Half Pint designs on t-shirts with fabric - which I did. That day at Terrapin in Rhinebeck, NY, while Justin was holding Myla and enjoying his flight, I snapped the pic below. I had already made the frame, incorporating the same colors, and with Myla's handprints (a true accomplishment). Turned out to be a nice (and maybe a little cheesy) remembrance of that day which hangs in his office. Gosh, I love those cuties.