Jewelry Discovery

Early in my pregnancy, I went out to brunch for my birthday and there just so happened to be a bead shop across the street. After brunch, my friends and I visited the shop and each bought some beads, tools, and other findings. We spent the afternoon on my patio learning to make jewelry... the proper way. This was a giant step beyond the former "jewelry" I had made in the past. I was learning how to make jewelry using real wire, crimps and closures (no more knotted elastic and leather cord tied around my neck). I discovered I really love making jewelry and loved the entire process. Simply browsing through the strings and containers of beads was relaxing and inspiring. Just like the crazy clothes and accessories I used to make growing up, this was something for myself and I couldn't wait to make more. 

My first two "real" necklaces below. Simple and casual with earthy tones - much like my wardrobe. My goal: learn to use my new tools while making jewelry I really like. Goal achieved!!!