Choo-Choo Myla is Turning 2 (Part 1)

Well, it's here… November - Myla's Birthday Month! I've been debating whether to share all her birthday crafts in one long journal post, or to split them up. Since the only thing on my mind is her birthday and I'm so excited about all the fun things I'll be making, I've decided to share bits and pieces over the next few weeks. 

Myla has many interests including Elmo, Spongebob, Cars, Trucks, Music, Dancing, Jumping, Climbing, Running (haha)… Oh yes, and Trains. She loves to run around pumping her fist shouting "Choo-Choooooo". Trains, the perfect theme for her and all her little friends. After all, a 2nd Birthday is not like a 1st Birthday (which is more about the parents celebrating the fact that they made it this far). The 2nd Birthday is all about the Birthday Girl celebrating with her best buds. Amazing how that changes in just a single year. Therefore, we're going to have a party for the smallest train engineers around (while the adults take a backseat... or would it be "a ride in the caboose?").

To begin the party planning, I made her invitations. I had really wanted to do a paper cut-out type invite like the owl I did for her First Birthday. Then reality slapped me upside the head. There's no way I have the same amount of time as I did last year as she's much more on the move. Therefore, I figured I could design something on the computer and print them out. I still wanted the invite to have the look of simple shapes as if the pieces were cut out of different papers. I also wanted to keep everything in the pink family. Who knows when Myla will declare her favorite color and what it might be (purple, green…. cadmium yellow or cobalt blue for the budding artist)… might as well get in as much pink as possible while I can. I was hoping to do pink envelopes as well, but when I realized that I would have to special order them for a ridiculous price - I settled on white. Overall, these invites still turned out pretty darn cute. Choo-choo!!!

Stay tuned for more train-themed birthday party activities, decor, food, and favors in the coming weeks.