Finding Time

Sometimes I'm asked how I have time to craft and blog. Honestly, I'm not sure seeing that I stay at home with a very demanding toddler. And yes, I know that ALL toddlers are demanding. I once read that the average toddler needs their mother approximately once every 4 minutes. In Myla's case, it seems to be much more and at a different level. I used to look at other mothers enviously as their child would hang out in a pack 'n play, or sit quietly in a shopping cart, or entertain themselves for long periods of time at home (or at least what's considered "long" in baby/toddler time) just so the mother can get a few errands or chores done. But not Myla… she's high energy and very intense. Even after talking with our pediatrician, he said her personality is more typical of what you see in a second child, not a first… and that a child like her is difficult to parent - she's just extremely strong-willed. He never quite said the words, but I've recently discovered information about the "Spirited Child" which is what I'm pretty sure he meant. I'll share more about that in a future post but what you should know for now is that Myla only recently became a good napper... approximately 3 months ago. Before that, she napped anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour tops - that pretty much gave me enough time to eat lunch, clean up and organize my thoughts. And since she rarely ever let me prepare dinner before Justin came home, it meant we started dinner late and ate late… cutting into whatever free time I had in the evening. Therefore, I had to find time and still do.

"Finding time" to me means having to break out of normal routines. It means giving up an evening of unwinding in front of the TV to work on my projects… and not that I don't want to craft or do artsy things, but it's so easy to fall into that routine of laying down on the couch and zoning out. It means giving up Candy Crush and cutting down on Facebook. Although, Myla's new napping habits have been extremely helpful in me recharging my batteries, getting some chores done and working on my blog or a project… but being a mom, even to an easy-going kid, means always having to find time. It's deciding to do the things that enrich your life or your child's life (or even the lives of others) and spending less time on those things that won't truly make a difference in anyone's life... which I know isn't always so easy. For me, it's a hard, conscience decision, always having to give myself a little kick in the butt to get moving.

Anyways, at this very moment, I need to find time. I've got lots of fun projects on my list which I've already begun but need to work on before Myla wakes from her nap. And, until they are ready to share with all of you, I will share another jewelry project instead. This project brings me back to last week's post, where I learned a lot about making and working with chains. Combine that with some inspiration from a similar style necklace I had seen in a magazine, here is one of my favorite necklace and earrings set. What I love about this piece, besides it being a calming blue (which boy do I need sometimes), is that it's not symmetrical but rather follows a pattern. When worn, there's no particular way it needs to sit and gives a unique look as there's no real focal point.

On a side note: Don't get me wrong when I talk about Myla being a lot to handle. Sure, she's intense and high energy making me physically and mentally exhausted each day… but I also love those things about her. It's those exact characteristics that I hope she learns to mold as she ages. It's her determination and strong-mindedness that I hope she uses to her advantage to get everything she wants out of life.