Consequences of Sharing

My daughter has so generously shared her latest cold with me through lots of snuggles and sloppy kisses… leaving me with lots of sniffles and headaches and little energy to do anything… such as blogging. Hence, the shortened post this week. I had a few fall projects I was hoping to get to and hoping to share with everyone, but between moving and getting settled (which is taking a whole lot longer than I anticipated) and now being sick, it's all just going to have to wait. Sigh. It's funny how before kids I felt like a super hero, hardly ever catching a cold and never even thinking about getting the flu shot. Funny how priorities change. 

Therefore, due to my lack of energy, I'm sharing this jewelry project I created for myself. I took a break from the chains and wires I had been experimenting with and created a slip-on (non-clasp) necklace out of dyed mother-of-pearl beads strung with metallic crystals, glass beads and tiny silver spacers. Plus, of course, I had to make matching earrings. This set looks nice with dressier outfits and also works great dressing up a basic tee.

Now it's time for this momma to rest.