Running Down Hills

Earlier this week I decided to go through my "fix-it" pile of clothes. It's all the clothes that I love and can't part with, but that need some fixing… from broken zippers, missing buttons, rips and tears, to simple things like hemming. 

I ended up hemming two pairs of my jeans. Until this point, they were pseudo-hemmed with safety pins. Usually when I buy a pair of pants that are too long, I wear them a few times "hemmed" this way, until I know for sure they are still at the right length, especially after a few washings. These just happened to be psuedo-hemmed for many months (life got busy). Then I came across a pair of Myla's jeans that I absolutely adore from Naartjie - and knew would still fit her after all these months. She had put a rip in one knee awhile back which I was able to stitch closed. Then she had put an even bigger rip in the other knee… so bad that it needed a patch. 

I wanted to make my own patch. I looked through some fabric that I had and found one that had butterflies on it. This material is actually from the first pair of pants I tried making Myla for her pavlik harness before I made her little balloon bloomers. I wanted to back the butterfly up with another fabric and had just bought this pink and white seersucker material (for another project in the works). I used Steam-a-seam, the same fusible material I used on the Onesies, Father's Day Tees, and Myla's Gnome Costume, to make the layered patch. Since the hole was so large, I cut an extra piece of the butterfly material to fuse to the inside of the pants.

I was so happy with this patch. Not only was it custom and fun, it seemed to hold up well and did the job of covering the big hole. 

However, I guess I shouldn't have been quite so excited. When the afternoon came, Myla had a little friend come over. As they were playing in the backyard running down the hill, they discovered a rock wall around one of the planters and how fun it would be to climb up that instead of the hill… just to be able to run back down the hill again. Through all this climbing and a couple of rolls down the hill, TWO new holes appeared in the jeans… I guess I should have known better. She's my daughter and after all I was never able to keep holes from appearing in my pants growing up. Still not sure why I'm surprised when this stuff happens. At least they held up all morning - but I think this is a lesson that I should invest in some play clothes for her outside adventures.