Changes and Chains

I took a little break from posting last week as life was a little hectic. To bring you up to speed if you don't talk with me on a daily basis: we sold our old house, bought a new one, moved in on a Saturday, and then headed out west just a few days later (Tuesday) to Las Vegas for a friend's wedding… without Myla. As if packing and moving isn't stressful enough, why not throw a mini-vaca on top of that, right? What probably made it even more stressful is that we were leaving Myla for the longest time yet, plus leaving her in a new house that she wasn't familiar with, PLUS leaving her with her Grammie that she doesn't see frequently. We had to unpack as much stuff as possible so the new house would be livable and pack what we needed for Las Vegas and the wedding. I tried connecting to wifi while out there, but after some frustrations with what the hotel actually considered their "free" wifi - I decided I needed a break and would hold off on posting. So anyways, you're probably wondering how Myla did without us and in the new house. Apparently, she's quite adaptable and had just about no issues. I swear, sometimes this whole parenting thing throws me for a loop - things I thought would be difficult (like this) aren't, and other things like diaper changes or getting into a carseat (things we do several times a day) have proven to be some of the biggest challenges of parenting for me. Sigh.

So getting back to it… Two weeks ago I wrote about the necklace I made for my "other" Mother-in-law. I wished I had more experience making and/or working with chains as I felt I could have made her a necklace that better fit her style. In addition, I bought a new dress last year which I wore to a Christmas party. I borrowed some jewelry from a friend as I didn't have anything that would work with the dress - it needed to be of a longer length and gold-toned, of which I owned nothing even remotely close. I figured this would be a good opportunity for me figure out this chain thing.

Since I didn't know where to start, I purchased a jewelry making kit - sometimes kits are the perfect place to begin when starting something new as they are usually fairly easy and can open your eyes to ideas you haven't thought of yet. The kit I bought included techniques for using pre-made chains in different ways as well as techniques for using eyepins to make chains… and earrings!!! I hadn't really realized at this point that I was only creating necklaces. When I saw how easy it was to make earrings (a million times easier than putting Myla into the carseat) and how much they added to an overall look - I became addicted to making matching earrings… as you'll soon see.

Here is a picture of the pieces I made from the jewelry making kit.


Since I now had some gold toned jewelry even though they weren't my "design" - I wanted to make a delicate silver necklace and earring set. I used eyepins and small crystals to create the chain. I then used round headpins to create the cluster of crystals that hang around the drop pendant. The earrings were also made with headpins and eyepins and were so fast and easy to make - it made me want to go back and create earrings for all the necklaces I had made until this point. I'll just add that to my ever-growing crafting to-do list… and get to it, one day.