This is Me. 
And these are my "babies" - Myla and Maddox.

They are the inspiration for many of my creative binges.

Having been drawing, sewing and crafting my entire life, finally having the time (sort of), and with the support of my adoring and amazing husband, Justin, this is my creative journey I'd like to share with you… my family, my friends, my acquaintances and those I have yet to meet. 

Enjoy this visual journal of creative binges. Binges that explore becoming "mom" for the first time, emotional journeys through motherhood which include a miscarriage and my healing process, finding myself since becoming a Stay-at-Home Mom and finding myself all over again after our loss, and the dynamic relationships between me and my children, husband, family and friends. This journey's path has already moved in directions I never dreamt possible from when I first started this blog - sometimes proving difficult to write. I believe that ideas and events which are difficult to write about, are the exact things we should be writing about and sharing - those are what shape our lives and ultimately shape our inspiration for all we do. 

My journal posts begin with one of the happiest moments of my life, with "Baby K", now known as Myla. I hope my creations, and tidbits of my life, inspire your artist within.

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